Monday, March 08, 2010

Henry lost his first tooth!!!

My adorable oldest child is six years old. Actually, he'll be seven in May.

Since he was FOUR and in preschool, his friends have been losing teeth. Every child he knows has lost at least one tooth, and many of those kids have lost a handful. Even his friend's younger siblings have lost teeth already!

As the mom, you can imagine this doesn't bother me. I have no doubt those teeth will eventually fall out. After all, they didn't come in until he was a year old, which is kind of late anyway! So I've been in no hurry.

Henry, however, has been SURE that a tooth would fall out for over a year now. He has tried to convince us that one tooth or another is loose and just about to fall out.

Recently we discovered he actually did have a loose one. It just wasn't the one he was expecting! He has been focusing on the upper front teeth, and this was a lower one.

Two weeks ago we were still living at Sam's parent's house. We all had dinner and then Sam and I were leaving the kids with his parents so we could head into town to get some house-shopping done. Henry's tooth was so loose that he could turn it completely sideways. We decided it had to come out so he didn't accidentally swallow it when he was sleeping that night.

Sam gave it a tug and it wouldn't come out, although Henry wasn't exactly helping either. He was quite nervous now that the time had actually come to lose a tooth! Henry came over to me for comfort. I told him I needed to see the tooth and see what we would have to do. As I was telling him we probably wouldn't be able to do anything about it, I gently pulled it out.

He didn't even notice! He looked up at me and with sad, puppy dog eyes said, "What are we going to do? I don't want to swallow it!" and I held the tooth out in front of him to see. He didn't even notice it. Sam had to point it out that his tooth was now gone!

The tooth fairy, (ever faithful!) brought Henry a one dollar coin in the morning. He was so excited! He wanted to call his daddy (who leaves early in the morning for work) right away to tell him about his cool prize.
Henry showing off his special coin.

Henry's adorable new smile with a little hole in it! :)

I thought once he finally lost a tooth that his 'tooth fever' would go away, but that was silly of me. Turns out now he's sure he has THREE loose teeth, and I spend my days admiring just how loose they seem. My baby's getting big! :)


Heidi Jo said...

what a smile! some things are worth waiting for:0)

Andrea said...

You can tell Henry that Lexi hasn't lost any yet!
I'm glad you guys are back in your house!!! Maybe during spring break we can come visit.

Just Mom said...

Congratulations Henry!

btw, JS swallowed a loose tooth one while eating supper. He didn't even notice. :-D

Jen said... happy for them...all my kids get their teeth late and are the last of their friends to lose them....we feel your pain!

Anonymous said...

It's just way too fun! (Of course as a mother of three I can only think of what's to come...orthodontist, hehe. Yup, all three of mine ended up in braces when those big, old permanent teeth came in :)