Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We're going Country!

This past weekend our little town held their annual rodeo.

The week before the rodeo I entered a contest with the local tv station to win tickets to the rodeo. Didn't hear anything back, so early the next week we bought tickets for Saturday night's performance. On Wednesday, the tv station called to ask if we wanted free tickets to Thursday's event. How could I say no? So we ended up going twice last week.

It's a fun event, not to be missed. My kids look forward to it all year long.

It was SO FUN! The Cowgirl Chicks were there again, and those girls are just amazing. My favorite is probably the bareback bronc riding. Jonah really loved watching the barrel racing. Henry was most excited about the cash grab. They invite all kids six and under to come line up inside the arena. Then they scatter $200 in dollar bills around the other end and let them run down and gather what they can. Henry is a few weeks away from his seventh birthday, so this was his last chance to join in that particular activity, but this year he was the fastest one out there! He got $16 the first night and $8 the second. Jonah didn't get any either night, but Henry (very graciously, on his own!) decided to share half with his little brother. So sweet!

Henry had worn out his chaps from last year, so I made him a new pair. Jonah got a pair this year too. They came out so cute...cowhide on one side and they're reversible with carhartt fabric on the other side. Fringe at the bottom, of course. :) I made Bridget a skirt out of the remaining fabric so she could sport a special rodeo look too.

We ran into so many people we knew (it's hard not to in a town of 5000 people!) and sat with friends both nights. On Saturday we celebrated our nephew Matthew's 3rd birthday with him before all going to the rodeo together. The place was packed on Saturday and the only seats we could find were right down front...where the dirt clumps fly up whenever horses run by.
We loved every bit of it and can't wait for next year's rodeo!

In other country living news, Sam brought home four more goats today. The place he works uses goats for their outdoor education programs and then they take them to auction at the end of the school year. Sam found out they were going to auction and said, "I'll take 'em!" I think he said two of the does are pregnant, so it looks like we'll have some sweet little babies around here sometime soon. :)


Jennifer said...

what great pics...how fun!

Andrea said...

You guys look great in your western gear!