Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Henry's 7th Birthday

Here's Henry all decked out in his cowboy gear. He got the fancy new vest for his birthday (hand made by the talented Aunt Kelly!) and the belt buckle was a gift from Sam and me.

On May 27th, Henry turned seven years old. Wow. I can still remember the day he was born like it was yesterday, and I suppose I always will. That is the day that forever changed my life and gave me a new name and title--Mommy.

Henry started out his birthday morning by opening presents. He was so excited to find out that the HUGE box that had arrived from Grandma and Jim was a set of REAL golf clubs. He also received a new belt buckle (see above), a camo hunting hat, and a slick flashlight that has knives and tools built into the handle.

Later in the day two of Henry's good friends came over for a sleep-over. Cole (Henry's cousin) and his friend Elijah came around lunch time. The boys ate lunch, played outside and had all sorts of adventures in the fort. After a while we headed into town to meet some other friends (Bella and Ian) at Chuck E Cheese for some more play time.
While we were there we had cookie cake and drinks and played lots of games. They all cashed in their tickets for some great prizes before we left. The sweet lady working the prize counter helped the kids all come out mostly equal with their little trinkets, which made my life a little easier!
After we left Chucky's, we headed to the local farm/ranch store. I had told Henry earlier that we would have to stop by there to pick up some chicken food that Daddy had forgotten to buy. He wasn't too disappointed with an extra stop since he loves that store. He was actually pretty excited to show his buddies all the fun things like baby chicks and bunnies.

Henry was totally shocked when I told him the real reason we were stopping there was to let him pick out his new rabbit! Henry has been wanting a rabbit for a long time, and Sam decided that this was the time to get him one.
He picked the most adorable one there and named her "Carrots," which was suggested by Cole. Isn't she cute? She always looks like she does in this picture, with one ear up and one ear down. Henry just loves her and so far has taken VERY good care of her.

When we finally made it back home, the kids enjoyed a lovely dinner of corn dogs and french fries (as requested by the birthday boy), played on the trampoline a while and then settled in for a movie. They had popcorn and watched on of the Ice Age movies before finally going to sleep. It was a late night!

The next morning we had a big breakfast and then headed up to the pool to swim a bit before the boys had to go home. It was such a fun time.

You'd think the birthday celebrations would be over after all that, wouldn't you?

Not quite.

Henry still had another party coming. He invited some more friends and family to celebrate with him that weekend out at the lake. So there was more cake and swimming with friends.
I'd say that Henry had a pretty memorable 7th birthday! :)
Whew. Now I just have to gear myself up for ONE more birthday...Bridget turns three in a little over a month...then we'll have a break for a while. :)

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Heidi Jo said...

well now, that kid should be partied out for a while :o) celebrations are the best!