Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jonah and Bridget

Bridget just made my day. This morning she was outside riding her bike and Jonah and I were inside playing a game. Jonah was trying to give me an Indian snake bite, so I was pretending to try and pinch him back. Bridget walked in as Jonah was screaming, "No, don't get me...don't get me!!!"

Bridget marched over and in her best 'mommy' voice, sternly told me, "Don't you hurt my JoJo! You leave him alone." She was so was very sweet. I'm glad to see that she's willing to stick up for her big brother! :)


Heidi Jo said...

that is a great picture of her! so adorable.

Andrea said...

Thats a great picture of them together!

I was just catching up on your blog. Henry looks like he had a great Bday! and I love the pic of him with the golf clubs, so cute.

Marybeth said...

What a little sweetheart she is...and I'm sure she was SO serious!

Just Mom said...

Go Bridget!