Saturday, August 28, 2010

Henry's Bullseye

Guess I shouldn't have taken the picture straight-on, because now you can't see the arrow! It's right at the top of the yellow bullseye. Henry wasn't strong enough to shoot his bow last year, but this year he is doing really well with it.

After he shot the bullseye, Henry came running inside to tell me all about it. After much praise and sharing in the excitement, Henry walked away from the target. As he left he smiled and said, "I am just so jealous of myself!"

He saw me start to giggle and followed it up with, "I don't even know what that means!"

And another quote from Henry, at the dinner table tonight as he was talking with his dad...."I think we should try and hunt back behind our property. I'm pretty sure there is a lot of doe out there." :)


- Kailene said...

Oh my word - this made me laugh out loud! So funny! :) Congrats on the bullseye, Henry!!!

Mary said...

`that's so cool and I love how you changed your blog, it looks great.

Journey said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new blog! Looks wonderful! That Henry is funny, too!

Heidi Jo said...

what a great little man~ so funny. just like his mom ;o)

love your new look! who is that desert treking out-doorsey fantastic looking family on your header? i need to find a clip art that looks that good! :o)

Beth said...

I laughed outloud too—that Henry is too much!

Love the family pic up top . . . you guys are so cool!

Just Mom said...

Awesome job, Henry!