Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Swimming at a Friend's house

A lovely couple from our church graciously offered us the use of their pool this past summer. We picked a day and made that our 'swimming day' consistently every week. Another friend and her kids met us out there, and our wonderful hostess joined us more often than not. Our hostess is an older Christian woman, and as much as I enjoyed the pool, I enjoyed my time visiting with her more. Such wisdom! I understand more and more why the Bible commands the older women to teach the younger women...they have so much more life experience to draw from and share.
Theirs is a beautiful salt-water pool, with a shallow area that has a fountain spraying up all the time. Deep enough to dive, but plenty of shallow areas for the little ones. Bridget's swimming improved dramatically this summer from our time at this pool, and half way through the summer she even gave up wearing her water wings. It was a little early for me, but she did wonderfully.
We usually tried to pack up a picnic lunch and spread out in their backyard. They live about ten minutes away from us, so it usually worked out well to swim-eat lunch-swim some more-head home for naps. It made for beautiful summer days! :)
Even though my new friends proved a little camera-shy, I still managed to snap a picture of each of them. Joce with her little granddaughter and Earl dipping his feet in the water to cool off.
Many thanks to precious Earl and Joce for opening your home to us and sharing what God has blessed you with. You are a blessing to us! :)

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Heidi Jo said...

seeing this warm and summery blog post seemed so out of place when i think of our zero temp this morning. but as usual you put a warm place in my heart!