Thursday, November 18, 2010

Jonah the Brave

Jonah is our resident daredevil. While his brother is brave, Jonah truly fears nothing. He is always the first to jump in and try something and usually the one to take things too far. ;) He was the first of our kids to require stitches, and we've always assumed (until this week) that he would also be the first to break a bone.
So it was no surprise to me when we were at the park this week and Jonah came running over to where I was playing with Bridget saying, "Mom, you've gotta come see my new trick!!!"

We all walked over to the paved area where Jonah was riding his bike. He told us he would ride around the circle and do the trick when he was back in front of us.

Not bad, huh? I asked who taught him to do that trick and he said nobody had. "I just learned that I could lift up the front wheel and it's not even hard!" I really don't think he's seen anyone do it, it just seemed like a good idea.

It remained a 'good' idea until later, when he tried to repeat the trick for my friend who had showed up at the park. This time, Jonah rode around the circle, came toward us and popped a HUGE huge that he fell right off the back of his bike. The bike flipped completely upside-down, and Jonah landed on his rear end. He wasn't so happy about that, but it didn't stop him from hopping right back on his bike! :)


Journey said...

I especially liked the little flare with his leg after the wheel hit the ground again :) What park is this? I'll have to ask you next time I see you- it's pretty!

Alisa said...

Love it!! No broken bones, yet, I hope! And reminds me I need to make a plan to visit the mineola nature preserve again:)