Monday, February 07, 2011

Multitudes on Mondays

It's a lovely habit to be thankful for the beauty in our everyday lives. I'm so enjoying this new means of showing my thankfulness.

A happy boy with lots of snow to enjoy.
Snow on the trampoline! Couldn't get much better for these two. :)
These birds come every winter on their journey South. The sound when all those little wings take flight is just amazing!
35. a sweet toddler tug at the hem of my shirt to whisper "I love you, Mommy!"
36. skype dates with my mom
37. a houseful of pint sized superheroes
38. the smile on a six year old's face right before he blows out his candles
39. family gathered together to watch the superbowl and play ping pong
40. the beautiful sound of the wind chimes blowing in the breeze outside my window
41. gloves, scarves, hats strewn about-evidence of wonderful memories made
42. new collage pictures arriving in the mail
43. adult friends willing to spend their Saturday afternoon celebrating our little Bear
44. hundreds of blackbirds taking refuge in our fields for a few days on their long journey South
45. a full month of quiet times in the morning for the kids and me (a life-giving new habit)
46. cut out snowflakes on the window
47. beautiful rainbows sparkling through the house from the crystal snowflake hanging in the kitchen window
48. a boy who can't quit whistling, because he whistles when he is happy
49. a grateful six year old filling out thank you cards on his birthday
50. the surprise of picking my mom up at the airport today!


Jennifer said...

God is so involved in even the smallest details....He is so pleased to show himself to us and for us to recognize him. Will you please email me your cell again so I can put it in my phone!

Lori said...

Love the 1000 Gifts list that you have started. Thanks for sharing. I have started my list too.

I am reading that same book, journaling, and watching the videos too. What an awesome blessing and gift it is.