Thursday, February 17, 2011

Visit from my mom...days 2, 3 and 4

We spent days 2 shopping with my mom in Dallas. Sam really wanted to take her to a fun cowboy store (Shepler's) and we also stopped at Costco, Kohl's, and Bass Pro Shop. It was a great day...the kids love all those places, and I really enjoyed just hanging out with my mom. Kohl's was my favorite. The kids went off with Sam to find the toy department, and my mom and I just got to wander around, chatting and looking at all the fun clothes. (And it doesn't hurt that we found some stellar deals, too!)At Sheplers, Bridget and Jonah got new cowboy hats, and Henry (who didn't need a new cowboy hat) left with a sweet new cowboy shirt. Such a fun store! My little cowboys were in heaven there.
At Bass Pro Shop, Jonah had an encounter with a grizzly. He won.
After our long day of shopping in Dallas, we headed home to relax. We played Sam's new fishing game for the wii (so fun and addictive!), the kids had bubble baths, and we all went to bed.
The next day we were supposed to get a terrible ice/snow storm. They were so sure it was coming that all the local schools canceled school. Sam's work sent everyone home. We waited. And waited. And waited.
It never came. Finally in the early afternoon, Sam said, "Let's head into town!" So we loaded up and went to Jason's Deli for lunch. After that we took the kids to Chuck E Cheese (their favorite place on earth) and played for a loooong time. Grandma brought a LOT of coins along with her (she had a fun time getting those through security too!) and the kids had gotten some in their stockings for Christmas. So the adults were able to play too, and by the time we ran out of coins we were definitely all ready to head home.We did end up with a little snow, but really the storm was just a great big joke. ;)The next day Sam headed back to work and we hung out around the house. Mom played dolls with Bridget and store with the boys. We tried out our MarioKart game for the wii (wow, is that ever fun!), read books, watched Jonah practice his new magic tricks, and just talked.
In the afternoon, Sam came into town and met us for lunch so he could say good bye to my mom.It was such a fun visit! We just love you so much, Mom! We're so thankful you were able to come and stay with us for a few days...can't wait to see you again soon!

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Jennifer said...

came to see why in the world I didn't recognize you and I'm not sure...because you look exactly like yourself!!! imagine that. Maybe the new glasses :)

It was a blessing to meet you, your friend and your MIL. I hope the conference was a blessing.