Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Mrs. Lee's Daffodil Garden

It's springtime in East Texas! Which means the daffodils are blooming at one of our favorite places...the daffodil fields. About 45 minutes from where we live, this place is a treasure that the kids and I look forward to enjoying every year. Once again, it didn't disappoint. The bright, beautiful blossoms positively glow when the sun shines on them...and they go on and on for acres. Such beauty!

Every year I've been there I've been able to snap a picture of me and the kids, and it's become a tradition. We try to take it in about the same spot every year, but this year there was a guard nearby warning everyone away from the flowers ("They won't grow back this year if they're trampled, ya know.") so we had to take it quickly and get out of there. ;)
My friend Beth was able to join us for a relaxing afternoon picnic. It was lovely, even though it was a little bit breezy and on the cooler side of comfortable.
Lest you think the daffodil garden is all about flowers, let me set you straight. There is also a lake with a path going around (and over) it. The kids enjoyed fishing some kind of greenish, mucky substance out of the water and bringing it to us. For one horrifying, brief moment I thought Bridget might actually eat it after we said it looked like Jell-o. I think hope she was only teasing us.
There is also a replica of a pioneer cabin on the property. It's set up inside with a kitchen area, tools and beds and is very interesting to walk through and inspect. The kids have enjoyed this part even more since reading the Little House books! It's so fun to see history come alive for them.
Beth encouraged me to have my picture taken among the daffodils with Bridget. I initially resisted, but finally relented...and it became my favorite picture of the day! Here's me and my girl, exploring the hills of flowers. :)
Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift! I love the transition from winter to springtime, beginning with subtle little signs and quickly progressing to amazing shows of glory like the daffodil fields.


Beth said...

Yes- the one with Bridget is the best- with her little walking stick! I love all the photos! This place really is a gift- I'm thankful for the Mrs. Lees of the world who are generous to share their legacies with all of us :) Thanks for the beautiful post and beautiful day, friend! It was a treat! ---Beth

Heidi Jo said...

'cooler side of comfortable....' really lisa, i just don't know what to say :o)

i would be dancing in the daffodils! love these pictures.

Andrea said...

I loved that place when we went! Lexi still has a pic of her & Henry somewhere around her room :)

BTW, I put a cup in Alyssa's hair to get the height.