Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mom's Visit

My mom has lived in another state ever since my kids started sports. While we still get to see her quite a bit, we had never quite worked it out for her to visit during a sports season. So this year she made a point to plan a visit during one of Henry's soccer games and one of Jonah's t-ball games. And we actually were able to time it around homeschool-day at Six Flags Over Texas and take my mom on some roller coasters while she was here!

The kids knew we were picking up Grandma and then going to do something 'fun' but they had no idea that the fun thing would be Six Flags! They were so excited. We picked up Grandma from the airport and headed straight there. We got there just as they were opening the gates, so we stood in line a few minutes and then headed in!
There were plenty of photo opportunities...
...some scary (but awesome) roller coasters...
....and lots of family-friendly rides too. Jon and Kelly, Jordan and Matthew met us there too, so we had a big ol' group to hang out with at the park. It was warm but not too hot, and we all had a blast!
My mom had a great time cheering on the boys at their respective games. Henry showed off by scoring a goal or two for Grandma. ;)
And Jonah was just proud as could be that Grandma came all the way out to Texas just to watch him play.
She spent some time getting to know our sweet baby donkey, Smokey. Mom loved the could you not? She is just the sweetest thing, all fluff and cuddles.
We had such a great visit! I love getting to spend time with my mom.
Henry got his new puppy while Grandma was here, so we spent some time at the park with her. The weather was just about perfect the whole time she was here. We took the kid's bikes and rode around the lake, which is where I snapped this great picture:
Thanks for the visit, Mom! It meant so much to the boys to have you see them play their sports, and we had so much fun at Six Flags, playing Ticket to Ride, hanging out and talking. Love you!

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