Monday, February 06, 2012

Kids (the baby goat kind)

2012 started out with some exciting news at home...our goats all had kids!  We suspected they were pregnant but we weren't quite sure when they would give birth.  So imagine our surprise when the kids and I came home one afternoon to find this in our front pasture:

 We were so excited!  The mama (named Nancy) was standing kind of nearby, making lots of grunting noises and half-heartedly licking her new babe clean.  I wasn't sure what to make of that. 

  I immediately texted Sam to tell him what was going on, and then I called my friend Robin.  (She lives nearby and I knew she and her kids would enjoy the miracle we were witnessing.)  Sam suggested I grab some towels and try to clean the kid, and Robin said she would be right over.

Well, I thought that Nancy was ignoring her new baby, so we got him all cleaned up.  We were all just amazed by this new little critter, helplessly trying to stand up.  Meanwhile, Nancy was giving birth to a second kid!  Just moments before Robin showed up, the second one was born, looking a lot like his brother but with spotted ears. 

Nancy took turns cleaning up her kids and was quite protective of them.  She actually turned out to be the best of our mamas, and her babies were the sweetest of the bunch!  We named the first one "Don" and the second one "Diego."

It was such an incredible day!  When we got up that morning we had not idea we would get to see the miracle of our own front yard!  What a special surprise.
Our kids and the goat kids had so much fun together...the goats liked to suck on Bridget's hair (I think they thought they could nurse that way!) and they loved to climb up on the kids backs.  Having goat kids was one of the best experiences we've ever been a part of.  :)

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