Monday, March 19, 2012

More goat babies!

After the surprise of Nancy's babies, we were constantly on the lookout for more (since we had 3 other female goats).  A few weeks after Nancy, Mama had her babies.  We named them Strawberry the Shortcake (Bridget's choice), and Louie (Sam's choice).  They were both as sweet as their mama and turned out to be super friendly as well.
After Mama, it was Goldie's turn.  Goldie has always been a little skittish and hasn't appreciated human interaction, but she required a little help during the birth of one of her kids.  That is something I never thought I would do!!!  She was in great distress and starting to give up, so I helped pull one out.  Her babies were named Rocky and Dixie, and we really didn't ever get them to be anymore people-friendly than their mama ever was.  They looked just like their mama with the dangling "goat jewelry" hanging from their cute.  
The father of all these goats was a young billy named Buck.  We didn't keep him long after the mamas had their kids as he was waaaaay too aggressive with our own kids.  
A full two months after the first kids, our last goat Ashley finally had hers.  She had two, a boy that we can't remember what we named, and a girl that Bridget named Spongebob.  Ashley and her babies were even more skittish than Goldie and hers, so we really never got to spend any time handling them or playing with them.  
Such a fun experience to be a part of kidding season! 

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