Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hooray for Family!

We had such a fun time today helping to celebrate Brian Smith's birthday! The science center was great--I think we'll probably have to get a family pass so we can go more often! After that we went to the park in Lindale to have lunch and play. Amy and company made a really fun lunch for the kids, and they decorated the picnic area with fun balloons.

Henry was so excited to open his very own lunch sack, and he was completely thrilled to find a really cool pair of sunglasses inside! He wore them the rest of the day, of course, and also took them to bed with him. It really is the little things that count, isn't it? Jonah was desperate for a nap, but unwilling to take one in his stroller, so he spent most of the afternoon dragging his special blanket through the dirt around the picnic area. Special thanks to Ashley Hasz, who kept reigning him in for me!

The real highlight of the day, at least for the boys was just to spend time with their cousins. Every time I tell Henry that we are going to do something (anything, even going to the store) he says, "Oh, my cousins will be there?" with this hopeful little look in his eye. It's pretty sweet, and such a good reminder of one of the many reasons God wanted us to be here in Texas at this point in our lives.

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Beth said...

And we're SO GLAD you're here!