Friday, June 23, 2006

We Love the Zoo!

Okay, so I still haven't found the cord to my camera! I know it must be here somewhere and I am probably just overlooking it. But wouldn't you think it would have turned up by now? :) Anyway, here's a picture from back in January when we visited down here.

The boys and I went to the Caldwell zoo in Tyler today. It was a beautiful day for walking around outside! Unlike the picture here, we were all wearing sleeveless shirts and shorts and still felt overdressed! Phew! Air conditioning sure feels good when it's 90-something outside!

Jonah rode in the backpack most of the time we were there, and he loved the penguins. Didn't want to move on. Henry rode in the stroller part of the time and raced around at full speed the rest of the time. He loved all the animals, but was especially fond of the giraffes. He always thinks they're looking right at him--what a thrill!

We had a picnic lunch and then ran around Tyler finishing up our errands. Sam had told me about an interesting place near Home Depot (one of our destinations), so we drove by and checked it out. Very fun! It is called something like Brookshire's Wild Animal Museum, and it is completely free. (Brookshire's is a local grocery store.) They have hundreds of mounted animals set up in various displays. There is also a whole room set up like an old fashioned grocery store. That part is pretty neat, but a little too uninteresting for my boys. They loved the animal part and didn't want to move on! We went back and forth through the rooms at least three times! The best part was outside where they have a huge park--great toddler type toys and some things like a full-size fire engine, tractor and caboose for kids to climb on and explore!

It was a pretty full morning, and the boys and I had a blast! I'm thinking staying home with these kids is going to be a pretty good thing! :)

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Beth said...

Maybe we could go again after Ashley and Jay go back to school. I think Cole would love it . . . and maybe by then I'll be able to walk. :)