Friday, June 30, 2006

It's tough to be so cool...

Henry is constantly cracking us up. Last night I was trying to talk to him about respect and honor after he did something disrespectful to his dad. He was having trouble standing still--in fact he was dancing around like a mexican jumping bean! Here I am trying to have a serious discussion with my three year old, and he is jumping up and down and back and forth with the biggest grin on his face. I was doing a pretty good job of keeping my composure until I looked down the hall and saw Sam standing there smirking at us. I couldn't say anything more, actually I couldn't even look back at Henry--dad had to take it from there so that Hank wouldn't see me laughing!

There is a funny thing that Henry has picked up lately. He lets out this big dramatic sigh at the end of his sentences. He seems to do it worse when he's tired, but it is happening a lot more lately. He'll say something normal like, "Mommy, will you please get me more milk?" but that last word comes out like "milkaaaahhhh." I'm not sure he even noticed that he has been doing it, but Sam caught him yesterday and couldn't quit laughing and then mimicking him. So now Henry knows that it's funny and does it twice as often! He really loves to make us laugh!

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Beth said...

Very cute. Gotta love drama!