Monday, July 03, 2006

The Helper

One of Henry's greatest joys in life is to "work" with his daddy. He can't think of anything more fun than working with Sam. And Sam is always so patient with him and lets him use real tools (which makes Henry's day!), so it's lots of fun.

(Above is a picture of Henry fixing the hot tub at our old house.)

Yesterday after church, Sam needed to work on the sprinkler system. For reasons unknown to me, it was leaking in a number of places and the wiring had to be completely re-done. Poor Sam. He was so frustrated and a little discouraged.

Out comes Henry to save the day! Unfortunately, when Hank "helps" his dad, he often misplaces tools. Yesterday it was Daddy's favorite screwdriver, and Henry's own hammer. (We still haven't found either one!) Sam was considerably more concerned about the screwdriver, but Henry spent all day looking for the hammer. He even called a number of family members to see if anyone knew where it was!


Marybeth said...

Henry is such a neat kid! How great of Sam to let him "help" like he does. You guys are wonderful parents. We love you!

Beth said...

Cole likes to "help" too. It tries my patience when I'm trying to "just get these dishes done, or just get this laundry in" and he has to do his part . . . but I do try and slow down and let him help. We do want to prepare those Hasz boys to be good husbands, afterall! :)