Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sweet Elmer

Elmer is missing. Our wonderful family dog that we have had longer than we have had our children is gone. He has been staying at Sam's parent's house, and yesterday he left. We don't know why he left there--he's been staying there since we moved here--but we have a feeling that he set out to find us. Anyway, nobody has seen him since yesterday morning.

We have been trying to prepare for him here at the house. Sam got the fence finished last week, but one side that we share with a neighbor is going to be a privacy fence (that she is having put up)--and it was delayed another week. So we had planned on bringing Elmer home soon, and it just hasn't worked out yet. And now we don't know what to do. Dave and MaryBeth live about 40 minutes away from us, so we don't even know where to look for him. He has only been out to the house to visit once, so he wouldn't really have any bearings to get here.

Needless to say, we are all pretty sad today. He's such a good dog, and we've already been missing having him around all the time. Now we have to consider that we may not see him again. Last night was especially rough, thinking about Elmer sleeping outside. He hates sleeping outside at night. Always when we would take him camping, he would never be able to sleep until we brought him into the tent or camper. He would pace, back and forth, right near where we were trying to sleep and whimper until we would let him in. And then he would snore and have his good old Elmer dreams and all would be well.

Pray with us that we will find our Elmer and bring him home so that all will be well again. The fourth of July is his seventh birthday, so we could have quite a celebration if we can find him before then!


Kelly said...

I saw Amy at the Post Office and she said that he's been found! YAHOOOOOOOO!!!! I've been SO sad for you but not a clue what to do.

Beth said...

So glad he's back!