Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Fourth of July!

We had a great fourth of July, and I hope everyone else did too! The boys and I celebrated by finding the cord that plugs my camera into the computer, so now we can actually start loading current pictures to this site! Yay!

We spent the afternoon and evening at FatherHeart, a local maternity home for unwed mothers. They invited the public out-they have a party every year on the fourth. They had barbecues set up for grilling, about 10 inflatable toys for jumping and climbing, a climbing wall, a pool, a lake and poles set up for fishing, and the list goes on..... it was incredible! The weather actually cooperated (don't get me wrong--it was hot!) and it wasn't unbearable. We met up with Sam's family--Dave and Mary Beth, David and Beth, Beth's sister and family, Jon and Kelly for a little while, and a whole bunch of interns from teen mania.

What a fun day. The kids had such a good time! They mostly played with the teen mania crew and couldn't have been happier! They both enjoyed chasing and being chased by the "big kids" (as Henry called them), playing soccer and eating lots of watermelon and too many cookies.

The fireworks were nice-they put on a pretty good show. Both the kids really liked that part. I thought Jonah would be scared, since he's not really a fan of loud noises, but he really seemed to enjoy it. Henry oohed and aahed through the whole thing. I think both boys (and my husband too, come to think of it!) are going to sleep really well tonight!


Marybeth said...

What a fun day. I loved watching Henry play with the big guys. It really warmed my heart!

Beth said...

It was fun—what a great memory. I did pay for it all night though. I thought for sure I was going to deliver early. Maybe I overdid it a bit.