Thursday, July 06, 2006

Love those interns!

The boys and I just had lunch with Sam at Teen Mania. Henry was so excited all morning to go and meet daddy for lunch-- it was all he could talk about! So I was definitely surprised when Sam pulled up beside us as we were getting out of the car, and Henry says, "Daddy! Yay! Um, where is Kailee?" (Kailee is an intern and has babysat for us a few times--Henry loves her!.)

As soon as we got into the lunch room, Henry ran for another intern, Bryce, and spent the entire lunch with him. I don't think he even noticed Sam at the other side of the table! Don't get me wrong, Henry adores his daddy, but there is just something special about those interns!

We are so thankful to be here in Texas, and we're so grateful that we are surrounded by such wonderful, godly people to love on our kids!


Lacy said...

hi...I was an intern and was David's assistant for a couple of years at TM and I just wanted to say hi. We always heard a lot about Sam and how he might move down someday soon, so i'm glad to read that you guys are loving it! (I saw your site from Beth & Marybeth's)

Marybeth said...

How fun....the interns are so great!

Marybeth said...

How fun....the interns are so great!

Beth said...

You guys so fit in at TM!