Friday, July 07, 2006

Time For a Swim

Well, I think we are now officially Texans. Both of my boys own a pair of real cowboy boots. I got Jonah's from a neighbor's garage sale before we left Bozeman, and I found an adorable pair for Henry at a garage sale this morning! Now we'll be sure to fit in around here! :)

After a morning of garage sales, the boys and I headed to the teen mania pool to cool off and burn some energy. It must have worked, because Jonah fell asleep on the way home before we even got off the teen mania property!

Jonah is still pretty leery about the water--unlike his brother, the fish! So today I pulled out Henry's old float-suit for Joey, and he thought that was really cool! It didn't really make him any more brave, but he had a really good time!


Beth said...

Gotta love cowboy boots!

mom said...

so no more yellow rubber boots?...Jonah looks so cute in the swim suit...