Friday, August 11, 2006


This picture tells so much. Look at Henry, smiling nicely for the camera. Sitting still and holding his hands still and looking right at the camera--these are difficult things for a three year old--takes a lot of discipline. Then look over to Jonah. Sitting still? Check. Looking at the camera? Nope. Can't take his eyes off of Henry. Just have to see what he is doing, in case it needs to be copied!

So many of our pictures are like this. An adoring gaze from the younger brother to the older one. It is such a sweet relationship that they share. Such a special bond, one that even their parents don't get to be a part of. They truly do love each other, and I thank God for that. The world has much to say about sibling rivalry, but often seems silent about brotherly love. It absolutely melts my heart when Henry searches the house to find Jonah, just so he can give him a great big hug and tell him, "I really love you, Joey!"

It makes me very thankful that I have such a great big brother! I'm sure there are pictures out there with me looking at him the same way Jonah looks up to Henry. It's so fun to have a brother!


mary said...

what an awesome picture, and yes you are correct there are pictures of you looking at Brian just like that, the one I remember best was on his first day of school and you wanted to be just like him, you had on a ball cap just like his and stood there with your lunch box that was also just like his and couldn't understand why you weren't being allowed to go with him because you two always did everything together. It was such a joy to watch the two of you growing up together and now seeing the special relationship you have as adults is awesome. I feel so blessed that God chose me to be yours and Brian's mother and now it's so great to watch you raise your own family and see those beautiful boys of yours have that same special bond that you and Brian had. I love you and am so proud of you. love mom

Beth said...


kelly said...

Great post! You have 2 very sweet boys and I'm so glad we get to know them now that you're TEXANS.