Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The First of August

Henry has started to read this week! He has a little book called, "Just Shopping With Mom" and he loves to read it to anyone who comes around. If nobody is around, then he will settle for reading it to Joey. Pretty smart kid, huh?

I suppose I should explain that he doesn't exactly know how to read. But he does turn the pages and tell a story. The funny part is that he uses some exact phrases from the book and mixes in his own too. (For example, he calls the book "About Shopping With Mommy.") It is very cute to watch, and it makes him feel so big!

Many who know Henry know that he loves to wear necklaces. Lately his word for them has changed, and it comes out as "neck-sweat." Sam and I have been having fun with that one! It's funny how influential a three year old can be. We notice that we start saying things the way that Henry does (sometimes to be funny, and sometimes sub-consciencely!). Actually, for those who don't know, that is how we started calling Jonah "Joe" or "Jo Jo" or "Joey." Those all came from Henry. And some of those will probably stick for a long time--Joey (aka Samuel Jonah) may have some explaining to do later in life!


Beth said...

Very smart boy indeed!

kelly said...

I'm quite impressed. Did Mary Beth tell you how he was giving her directions to our house the other night? He told her all the right turns. VERY smart kid.

By the way, the comforter is really cute. You never cease to amaze me...homemade bread, hauling dirt for the yard, laying sod, making bedding, finding bargains at garage sales, taking your kids on daily outings...keep this up and you may need to move away!

Marybeth said...

I love hearing Henry "read" his story. That is too cute.