Sunday, August 27, 2006

That's my Sam!

All right, Sam. You asked for it! :)

We were finishing up our back yard this week. With the slope of our yard, we had found it impossible for seed to grow in certain areas. As soon as it rains (even just a little), we get quite a river running through the back. So we've been doing sod, little by little. This week was the end.

Since the sprinkler system is already established, we can't drive a truck over to where we wanted the sod. So Sam would park on the side of the house with the pallet of sod, and we would fill the wheelbarrow up and move it that way. It's quite a process. My studly husband thought it would be a great photo-op to stack the sod twice as high as we had been stacking it and have me take a picture with him pushing it across the yard. He laughed, while saying, "Maybe you could put it on your blog!" Ha ha.

I want to say two things about this.

#1. Sod is really heavy, and it's tough to push a full wheelbarrow of the stuff.
#2. Taking the picture was not my idea!

Sam made it almost to where he was going before the wheelbarrow overcame him and tipped over. Half the sod to one side and half to the other.

All he said when he turned around to the sound of my laughter was, "Did you get the picture?"

Don't worry, honey. I got it. :)

Check back later this week for more fun pictures of Sam--involving a chainsaw and a tall ladder!


Marybeth said...

That is too cute! Your back yard is looking great..and Sam...such a Sam!

Michelle said...

He got quite a workout, didn't he? I'm concerned about the upcoming picture. Is he going to be on a ladder and using a chainsaw at the same time? :-)

mary said...

you two are such a great team together,the picture is awesome, I can't wait to see your home and yard when I come to visit,love mom

Ginger said...

I love it, my family is starting to think everything in life is a perfect picture for "the blog" as well. I told them I'm not blogging any more. Does your husband hire out? We could sure use him up here in our yard? Does he like to shovel snow? haha

kelly said...

Too funny. I love that you got the picture he wanted as well as the picture of how it turned out!
By the way, the new chair cover is fleece so even though there's no fur, it's still very soft. I actually bought black fur to make another cover out of but I've lost a little of my motivation now that the chair's no longer pink!