Tuesday, September 05, 2006

That Sam-I-Am!

My wonderful husband lost a bet recently. As some of you may have heard, Sam and Jon lost to their wives and have to create blogs. Kelly and I were starting to wonder if it would actually happen, and it finally has! Sam's blog was started today...it is definitely worth a visit!
www.samhasz.blogspot.com I think you can just click on this link, but I will also put a link on the sidebar. Trust me, you don't want to miss Sam's blog. And make sure you leave him a comment so he knows you've seen it!


Ginger said...

Lisa, just read your Sam's blog. You should be so proud :) I'm finding there are just no real words to describe these Hasz men. I don't even know Jon or Sam, but I sure did enjoy the post. I wish I could add it to my daily reading.

Beth said...

He did such a great job. I'm with Ginger . . . do you think we could persuade him to make it a daily venture?