Friday, October 20, 2006

A Lesson From East Texas

Some things I've learned living in East Texas:

1. If you mow the lawn wearing sandals, the fire ants WILL bite your feet.

2. Don't try to fit in. They know you're not local.

3. If you are in a hurry, forget about it.

4. If your children aren't careful, they will have fire ant-bites in strange and scary places.

5. There's more than just a geographical difference between "Texas" and "East Texas." And quite a bit of pride.

6. Anything can and will be deep fried.

7. Red dirt will cover every surface of your home. Don't fight it.

8. You will be frowned on if you get up before the sun rises.

9. Y'all really is a word, and "Ma'am" (with the right inflection and drawl) can constitute an entire sentence or question.

10. Texans are the friendliest folks in the world!


Ginger said...

Lisa, my oldest daughter, Lindsey, just loves the blue bonnets when they are in bloom. One year she decided that a photo would be wonderful and sat herself right in the middle of the blossoms hoping for the perfect picture. Fire ants were not her friend that day! You are right, you learn fast about those nasty things. By the way, my husband just loved the photo of your boys on your last post. We really adore little kids, both of us, and he laughed at your post. We pray that someday the Lord will bless us with grandkids to love and spoil and we can only hope they live in Michigan :)

Beth said...

You nailed it—if I didn't now better I would think you were a local! :)

Michelle said...

Thanks for brining back Texas memories for me:-) The red dirt was my "favorite" part about living there. And the scorpions that lived in my house. I'll never forget when Bo was bitten by one. Fun Texas times :-)

Ginger said...

I read your comment and I know if Alicia was coming down with us at Thanksgiving we would be in Garden Valley in a heart beat. Alicia and I would love to plan a little trip in the springtime and maybe then I will get to see some faces for real. That would be such fun. I have met Kelly and Beth once, but not Jordan, Cole, or Nicholas :) For now, we will have to remain blogging friends and I am thankful for that. You all bless my life with every post!

kelly said...

Just read your post from last Thursday...I'm laughing and feeling sorry for you at the same time!
By the way, this is such an impressive and accurate list of observations about East Texas.