Thursday, February 15, 2007

A day of fishing

Don't get me wrong. Just because the sun was shining does not mean it was warm! Sam had some free time and thought it would be really fun to go fishing. And if you're going to go fishing, you might as well look good, right? :)

Fishing is one of the great joys of Sam's life, but due to the circumstances of our lives, he has had little time for it in the last few years. He's been dying to get the boys out and nurture their love of fishing too!

So it wasn't warm, and the fish weren't big. (Look closely in the pictures, the boys both caught quite a few of those little guys!) But we all sure had a good time!

Can anyone guess which of my children was brave enough to throw the fish back into the water? One was a little nervous about holding fish and the other thought it was really cool! (I'll tell the answer later!) :)


Heidi Jo said...

Those are great pictures! I know you say it is cold...but girl you don't know cold like we're feeling here! It dipped down to -12 degrees during the night...feeling like -40 degrees with windchill.

The good news is it's coming to an end or so the weather guys says:-) PTL!

My husband is a hunter not a fisher, but I am hoping to convert him. I prefer fresh caught fish over wild game any day!!

Lisa H said...

I knew I'd get called on saying it's cold here! Heidi, you're right, this isn't actually "cold" but I do really know about what cold can be like! We only moved to Texas last year--from Bozeman, Montana. And I hated the winters! The thing is that everyone has bragged about how the winters are so mild down here and it's always warm, yet this is an unusually cold winter for the area. But I won't complain because it certainly isn't -12 here! :)

Lori B said...

My husband loves both to hunt and fish. But like yours he doesn't get to go as often as he would like to. He has a busy schedule of teaching and coaching during the school year, and teaching and painting during the summer and having kids activities to run to...he
We have been fishing more as a we purchased a boat. The kids love to do that.
He also likes to golf, but that has gone by the wayside too.
Did your youngest touch the fish and throw it back in the water??
Sometimes its the younger one that surprises you and does something that the older one doesn't.

Just Mom said...

At least your boys let you take their photos. Alex still runs away whenever I take my camera out. I'm trying to convince him that mommy is not a nutcase with a camera (even though I am) :-)

I want to teach Alex how to fish. Of course, I'll have to teach myself first. Dan doesn't hunt or fish, but he plays a mean game of racquetball (OK, not that mean. He's just been playing since he was a little tyke). He wants to take up golf too. :-O

Michelle Franzen said...

Too cute. I bet they had a ball.
Rich isn't much of a fisher but loves to hunt so Africa has been perfect although his schedule doesn't allow for much game hunting.

It looks cold to me. :-)

kelly said...

Hmmmm. I think Jordan wouldn't want to touch a fish and since she and Henry are so much alike, I'm going to guess that Jonah was the one to throw the fish back in. Am I right? Do I win a prize? please?

Ginger said...

Lindsey said she saw some snow in the air down there. If that's the case your men are really brave fishing in the cold weather. I'm sure Sam handles it all in stride. He's making manly little men. I bet Jonah and Henry had to throw their dad's fish back for him, haha. My family all loves to fish...not Dave and the girls, but my brothers. Can you imagine my girls fishing, "ewwww, yuck, icky, pewwww, can we go home now?"

mary said...

The pictures are great, they look like they were having such a good time, I'm thinking that is was probably Henry that didn't want to throw it back?