Wednesday, March 07, 2007


My clever boys discovered this week that they can generate quite a bit of static electricity if they run around in circles on the trampoline with no socks on. Fun right? Mmmhmm. Maybe not so fun if the only way to enjoy it is to spark Mommy repeatedly, in the same spot, over and over and over and.....

So now we have a "sock rule" on the trampoline! :) We'll see how long that is enforced!

Also wanted to mention the cute bird feeder my husband put up for us this week:

Isn't it great? Even if he doesn't exactly know how to pose for pictures that he knows will show up on my blog! :) We lost some trees in the last wind storm, so Sam just cut one to the right size and used it for a post to hold up the bird feeder! He is just so handy!


Just Mom said...

I am extremely jealous that your husband is standing outside wearing just a long sleeve t-shirt and jeans; no coat, hat and gloves.

By the way, that is one spiffy looking bird feeder. We have one too, but it's not that spacious. Maybe that's why birds don't move in to it.

Heidi Jo said...

Are you married to Larry the cable guy? Life with him has to be a hoot, you can just see it in his eyes. Although, I'm sure that you see it differently some days:-)

Lori B said...

Aren't those trapolines fun!! Great exercise too!
We have a couple of friends that have trampolines and the kids just love to go over there and jump on them.

Also, I like the bird feeder. My kids have wanted to hang one out to watch the birds. We get quite a bit of bird watching out our back windows into the alley way..the lady that lives back there feeds the birds everyday.

Jennifer said...


I have some pics to send you... but I don't have your email address with me. Can you email so I can email you? lol


Ginger said...

Please don't tell me that Sam made that feeder with his own hands? Don't tell him I said so, but he is too good to be true, what a guy! Dave can't make a bird feeder and doesn't have a work garage like Sam(great pose by the way, haha) but he did teach all three kids how to do flips on our tramp! OH...I just stopped looking out the window. He's still such a kid at heart :) We are both so blessed to have such wonderful guys.

Michelle Franzen said...

Perhaps you guys should think about a visit...I could use a nice bird feeder amongst other things done around the house. :-)