Friday, March 02, 2007

Cat and Mouse

Henry was watching his new favorite show this morning (Tom and Jerry) when he started giggling uncontrollably. I asked him what was so funny, and he replied, "Toman just fell down!" I said, "Who is Toman?" and he answered, "MOM, Toman is the cat. Then there's that little mouse who is called Jerry."

Of a toddler, Tom and Jerry could pretty easily sound like Toman Jerry!


Lori B said...

How cute! I love it!Kids are so funny! They make life so much fun don't they.
When my kids are always saying funny things like that it just makes me grin and laugh.

Just Mom said...

I Love Tom and Jerry cartoons. My sister and I could never get enough of them when we were little. I didn't know they still aired the show. What channel? I haven't seen it in years.

Heidi Jo said...

My kids LOVE Tom & Jerry. I bought a cheap DVD of a bunch of episodes to play in the car DVD player on trips. Have you noticed that you don't need much volume because they never talk? It works perfectly because the kids aren't hollaring, "turn it up!"

Ginger said...

Too cute! I love that Henry!

Michelle Franzen said...

Very cute. I love Toman Jerry. :-)

Love the shirts from the last post. My mom gave Sky one a couple of years ago and it found its way to the give away pile soon after. Oops~