Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Easter Pictures....a little late!

So I guess I'm a little behind. But just in case anyone still wants to see are some pictures from Easter!

Saturday morning we took the boys to an Easter egg hunt that was sponsered by Sam's parent's church. It was a fun time, but we didn't stay too long because of all the SNOW!!! It was VERY cold--we couldn't believe it. In Montana we expected snow on Easter, but in Texas??? It was just strange.
This picture is the boys with their cousin Cole right after the egg hunt.

Sunday morning we went to church with Sam's parents, and then went back to their house for brunch. MaryBeth served the most amazing strawberry french toast! I got the recipe, of course, but we'll have to see if I ever get a chance to make it!

The boys had play clothes to change into, but they so enjoyed their "nice" clothes that I couldn't convince them to change all day! They picked out their own suits, and the boots were their choice too! :)

Henry wanted to get in on the action, so we let him take a picture too. He's getting better, but he still wants to drop the camera down before it's quite finished taking the picture! We forgot to get a family picture, so at least Sam and I are both (mostly) in this one!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter surrounded by friends and family!!!


~Ginger said...

I like your version much better than Sams, haha! Great picures. The boys look cute as always in their little boots. I think Henry did an awesome job on the picture taking. Just let him practice on you. You can post pregnant mom pictures every now and then. You know we will all love them.

Heidi Jo said...

i LOVE the paci in the mouth after the egg hunt. was that to keep him from eating what he found? i have a two year old with a paci still and it's starting to get old. thankfully we've eliminated it from day time use unless napping. i swear most days that she'll have it until she's in college!

i'm with ginger. since i'm NOT pregnant at the moment i would love to see a growing tummy photo:-)

The Macchio Family said...

Hi Lisa... great pictures... we of course were bundled up too for the unusual Texas winter Easter...!

Thanks for the great comment on my blog...!!! Love new blog friends... ~ Kim

Just Mom said...

You all look so beautiful/handsome. The photo your son took turned out pretty well. He certainly has an emerging talent.

Grace said...

Never too late for pictures. Love the photos! Your boys look very handsome in their Easter clothes....thanks for sharing.

My oldest wants to take pictures of us, too. He'll sometimes put his finger in front of the flash, but he still does very well.

Snow in April for Texas is pretty unusual, but it was still a beautiful Easter weekend!

Lori B said...

Nice Easter photos. Thanks for sharing.

kddub said...

cute family, easter sounded fun! The snow added so much!