Thursday, April 12, 2007

Pray that we find the blanket! :)

Now this is what I call a bad hair day! :) I was a new mom, and didn't want my baby's head to burn. He wouldn't wear a hat, so I sprayed some sun block over his hair. I'm not sure it was the best idea I ever had, but it worked! (Henry at 11 months.)

I didn't post this for any particular reason. Maybe because I've been having a significant number of bad hair days lately? And I'd never post a picture of that!

The boys and I are taking a weekend trip to Detroit, where Sam has been this whole week. I'm getting really excited about it, but as we were getting everything ready this morning, Henry's blanket went missing.

I've turned the house upside-down looking for it. I know it's here because he was playing with it this morning. The funny thing is that he was never a "blanket baby." His little brother is a "blanket addict," so Henry decided it might be fun to claim an attachment to a blanket too. And now he's devestated, thinking about flying on an airplane without his blanket.

We still have Buddy, so all is not lost. If Buddy was the one missing, we probably wouldn't even go on the trip until we found him! :) (If you're not familiar with Buddy, he's the used-to-be-yellow giraffe that is never far from Henry's side! He may not be a "blanket baby," but he definitely still has his own addiction!)
Have a great weekend, everyone!


~Ginger said...

I'm so sad that you are going to be so close and I'm not going to see you :( Have a grea time, I know you will!

Henry sure looks like Colie or at least a Hasz baby. The baby picture you posted with the mom tribute a while back, was that Henry,too? Alicia and I both could not get over how much your baby looked like Dave and Beth's kids as babies. ALL cute as bugs!

Can't wait to see little princess when she gets here. Bet she will be a beauty like her momma!

Shanygne said...

Hope you find that blanket! Ethan is "blanket-addicted", too. He also has three stuffed animals that he likes to have around as much as possible, but they aren't permanently attached. The blanket is the only one we would HAVE to have on a trip, and I think we are even getting to a place where that wouldn't be the end of the world.

Have a great trip! I am going to the next one in Virginia. I am so excited!

Lori B said...

I hope you find your blanket.

Seems like we loose things around our house quite a bit lately and have to go searching and searching.

Just Mom said...

I Love the hairdo! We used to do that to Alex too when he was a little guy.

Have you found that blanket?

Momma Roar said...

We did the same with Quintin when he was little - lotioning up those little heads. Hope you had a great weekend!

Grace said...

Cute pictures!

Both my boys are blanket kids. Actually, they both have TWO each now. When my son was younger he named his blanket "boppy", so that’s what we call our special blankets around here. Sometimes I find myself asking my husband for a "boppy"...

Do your children have special names for their blankets and giraffe?

Michelle Franzen said...

Read about the Detroit event...sounded awesome!

All my kids had addictions too...besides the alcohol in the bottle (hee) Tori's is her pillow oddly enough and it just went missing. She still asks for it but seems to be doing okay. WHere does a pillow hide??