Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Happy Birthday, Henry!

My oldest son turned four on Sunday! We were camping at Sam's parents house, so we decided to have a party and celebrate next weekend instead. We really debated over whether or not to tell Henry it was his birthday, and of course we decided to because WE were so excited about it. But I think it just confused him a little. He knows he's having a party next week, so that must be his birthday. And to Henry, birthdays = cake. So until there is a cake, he's not four! I thought I would celebrate with a few pictures from Henry's baby-hood!

Here's Henry's first Christmas--he was about six months old and not sitting up on his own very well, so he fell over a few times before I got this picture!

This is about 9 months old. He was such a cute, round little baby! I just realized that he isn't smiling in this picture, or the one before it! We really had to work hard to capture his winning smile on film. Henry was at least two before we could convince him that it was a good idea to smile for the camera!Here's the sweet smile I mentioned earlier! And those blue eyes--the girls are gonna be weak in the knees!

Here's a more recent picture. Note the crayon behind his ear. I asked him about it and he said, "See, mommy, I'm just like Daddy!"

Henry got his first real bike a month or so ago. He was so excited that he rode it across the parking lot to the car!

Henry also recently learned how to hit a baseball. He is incredibly talented. He can hit better if his dad is throwing the ball to him than if it's on a tee. I don't know if it will stick, but right now Henry has a great LOVE for the game of baseball. He also has a great arm--he can probably out throw me! :)

So that's it for pictures. Henry is a wonderful child--he is full of life and love, has a great imagination, is always looking out for others, and never fails to make us laugh! Henry has a personality that draws people in. When we had him dedicated as a baby, a woman in our church came up and said that she had a word for us (his parents). She said that the holy spirit had put it in her heart to share with us that many people would be reached for the kingdom of God through Henry, that he would touch people from many countries. I don't know how exactly that will play out, but his personality is shaping up to make it happen!

I am so glad that God has placed Henry in our care, and I pray daily for wisdom in his upbringing, and thank God for the joy he brings our family. I love you Henry!


Heidi Jo said...

in the first two pictures it looks like you set his head on a baby dolls body:-)!

what a handsome little guy! happy birthday to henry.

Beth said...

Such a cute little guy! I remember him being a baby like it was yesterday.

Happy Birthday Henry!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Happy Birthday Henry! I love the pictures...especially his 1st Christmas picture.

Just Mom said...

Happy Birthday, Henry.

~Ginger said...

I just love hearing all about Henry. I was facinated with him the first time I heard his name.

May God bless him with favor all of his days and may he become all that the Lord has set before him to reach this world for His kingdome. He has been blessed to be put in your care. What a wonderful little boy. He will be a great big brother to his new little sister just like he is to Jonah! Shower him with praise and blessings all weekend long even if it was his birthday last weekend.

Hurray for Henry Hasz! There is something special about being the big brother!

The Macchio Family said...

Happy Birthday (late) to that sweet boy... how cute is he? ~ Kim