Thursday, May 03, 2007

McDonald's anyone?

I love the relationship that my two boys share.
They are the best of friends, and I think they would be completely lost without each other! Henry always pouts when he wakes up from his nap first and I won't let him go in and get Jonah up too! :)
Today I thought I would post a picture of the boys at their favorite place on Earth . . . . . . .McDonald's (with a playland, of course!).
The one closest to our house has two ways to climb up--one for bigger kids and one for littler kids. Jonah can't quite make it up the bigger side yet (he's too short), but that doesn't stop him! He goes over to where he can't reach and says, "Henry, help!" and Henry patiently grabs him by his britches and boosts Jonah up, then follows him up and does it again, over and over.
It is so sweet to watch. I love seeing these two boys interact and grow their relationship!


Teresa said...

There is nothing better than watching your children interact with their siblings. My daughter was lost when her older brother went to preschool this year. She has never known life without him. The best part was that he missed her just as much! Ahhh, it does the heart good! :)

Heidi Jo said...

they were the best of friends...they were the worst of friends....:-) just kidding. that would be girls, much more drama there.

boys are so good at looking out for littler ones. nic has done it with all of ours after him. it is so nice to see.

i love that picture!

~Ginger said...

Lindsey and Alicia shared this relationship until they moved to friends. Today they love to look back and tell stories of the fun they shared as kids. I'm sure they boys will, too. How great that they have each other.

Beth said...

So cute! I love it when my kids are getting along!

Grace said...

My two boys have the same relationship. They adore one another and love being around each other. As you know we are moving and when we stated they would each have their own rooms, they both said, "no, we want to sleep in the same room together."

I hope they let my daughter in their "boys club" soon!

I love that sweet!

The Macchio Family said...

we love mcdonald's play lands... isn't that so great that your boys are friends. I love that about mine, too... they play well and they fight well, too! (ha!) ~ Kim

Michelle Franzen said...

Blake and Tori LOVE "Donalds" as Tori refers to it. Skyler's taste are getting a bit more sophisticated. :-)