Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Hello again!

I'm back.

From where, you ask?

Well, I'm not sure. I haven't actually been anywhere. Just busy. And I've been pulling myself away from the computer more and more. It just seems to eat away my time.....reading news, reading blogs, commenting on blogs, uploading and organizing pictures, looking up random facts because I'm curious about things, shopping....and so on.
If I used to comment on your blog, and you notice I haven't recently....that is why. Just a little break. I'll still read the blogs I've always read, but I'm just not taking so much time to comment.
Anyway, this picture is from a while ago, but I kept forgetting to post it. Last summer we bought a cheap little table and four chairs set to use on our patio. It was a nice little addition to our back porch. It started out with white-ish colored cushions. The only problem was that last summer our backyard was unfinished and covered in RED DIRT. Then it would rain and we would have RED MUD. Lots of fun for the boys, a little less for me. I mopped the kitchen floor almost daily. It was a little ridiculous!
Back to the point. By last winter (when it's REALLY nice to be eating outside around these parts!) I noticed that my "white-ish" colored chair pads were now mostly red and streaked with dirt. They weren't the kind you can just throw in the wash either. They were actually so bad that we were putting towels down before we sat down!
So I had a project! I made new chair pads. Those that know me know that I have very little faith in my sewing abilities, so this seemed like a monumental task for me! But it really wasn't so hard and didn't take long at all. I even chose a red colored fabric so that if the lovely red mud rears it's ugly head again, I'll be prepared! :)


Lori B said...

Love your new patio set. It is pretty.
I'm also not posting as much and on my computer as much this summer. It seems like summer is so busy and there is so much time spent outdoors(for us anyway.).
Enjoy your summer.

Rebekah Elizabeth said...

This is just a reminder that you and Sam need to register for le bebe.

Marybeth said...

I don't know WHY you have no faith in your sewing abilities!!! After the bedspread and now these pads...I could take lessons from you! The chairs look great...Love you! (I really appeciate all your efforts at trying to "right" the situation with the "plant" the other night. Thanks! You are special!

Just Mom said...

Looks fantastic to me. I don't even know how to sew.

Heidi Jo said...

sew....? please describe this foreign word.

michelle f said...

Very Impressive and Sheek (not sure quite how to spell that correctly :-))

~Ginger said...

Amazing! Did MaryBeth find the great deal on the little table and chairs for you? She seems to always be finding some deal at Walmart according to her blog :)
I'm sending you a link for a neat idea for new little Miss Hasz. I found it and love it. I would make it for you, but I don't sew too well.
Hi Jonah! You are too cute.
Hey, guess what, we are flying to Texas! We will be there a whole week!

Beth said...

Very cute! You were smart to choose red. : )

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

That is pretty impressive. I love it, looks great!

The Macchio Family said...

you MADE those... wow - talented! And too smart with the red material... looks nice.

I understand your break - it's funny how I can get on the computer and before I know it an hour has passed me by...

~ Kim