Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I love play-doh!

For some reason I can't put a title on my blog....anyone know why? The title box is still up there at the top of the page, but I can't click on it. I couldn't put one on my last lovely blog either. (Which reminds me--I have to admit that the puddle was orange juice. Sam opened the fridge door, the oj jumped out, and I grabbed my camera! Paybacks are fun, aren't they? I think he may be regretting the "dancing" picture of me on his blog!)

Back to what I was planning on writing about.....play-doh is so fun! The boys can spend at least an hour at the stuff and never get bored. Of course, Jonah usually needs a little help, so I usually get to play too. :) The boys have rolling pins, cookie cutters, molds and of course their great imaginations! Such a great invention!

Here's Henry with his "Snowman" creation!
Okay, I feel silly, but I just tried to put in a title again (for one LAST time!) and it took it! I think I'm just not computer-savvy some days. :)


~Ginger said...

Lisa, I've had trouble with my titles, too. I try and try and finally get it to allow me to put a title on. I think Blogger is just moody.

Cute picture of Henry! I always loved Play-doh and so did my girls. They never put the covers back on so we had lots of HARD play-doh, but oh well.

By the way, I wondered how you got Sam to pose for that photo, hehe. Great job!

I'm sure you will be one happy momma to have Jonah dry when little miss sunshine arrives. We will pray that he doesn't think diapers are for him again like Alicia did when Jen was born. Suddenly she wanted to be my baby all over again and regressed. Not a good thing! She was older and I think it was all for love and attention.

Your time is soon to be here. Can't wait for the news!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

My kids used to love playing with play-doh too and I just love the smell of it....crazy I know!