Sunday, July 29, 2007

I love the way he thinks.....

Me: Henry, did you know that we're going to meet your new baby sister this week?

Henry: Oh, yeah! Is she coming tomorrow with Grandma from Washington?

Me: Nope, she'll be born on Tuesday. That's two days from today.

Henry: Can I go to the meeting?

Me: The meeting?

Henry: Where you get to meet my sister!!!


Beth said...

So cute! It's kind of nice when you don't really have to explain so much. : )

Anonymous said...

Oh Lisa, I'm bursting for the meeting day!
I'll be praying all day as we head to TX.
Much love always!!!

Frazzled Farm Wife said... sweet!

Kids and K9s said...

Oh -- how cute! Can't wait for you... what a blessing... I send you a big cyber hug! ~ Kim

Heidi Jo said...

houston, do we have a baby girl yet?