Saturday, August 18, 2007

For those in the market for diapers....

I found a great place to buy diapers--with the discount they gave me for signing up, the diapers I chose (Pampers Swaddlers) came out to $0.14 each. Much better price than I can get at the store--and that included $4.99 for shipping! (I actually just bought the same diapers at Walmart and paid $0.20 per diaper.)

So I thought I would share this with anyone who buys diapers--

$5.00 off Your First Order

Free Shipping for orders over $50.00
Enter Referral Code: LIHA9618 (to get $5 discount)


~Ginger said...

Hahahahaha! Love the name! My bloglines showed your new name right at the top! I wanted to suggest something with "fish", but didn't dare! I take it that "fish" is sticking as her nickname. What a hoot! From a family who had the craziest nicknames ever for our babies, I think "fish" is a riot!

As far as the diapers, I'm not much in the need, but thankful you found a great deal. God is good!

michelle f said...

Do ya think they'd ship to SA? :-) Sad to say we are still in the market for diapers. Tori needs to get with the potty training program....perhaps I should start one..that might help matters.

Grace said...

Thanks! I'm in need of good diaper deals! I like your new blog title...cute!