Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bridget's first bath and photo shoot!

Bridget had her first tub bath this week, and she LOVED it! How fun! Of course I had my two little helpers....they brought out step stools and washcloths and asked if they could help me--how could I say no? They are so sweet!

Henry took a picture of mommy and Bridget together. Guess we need to work on not cutting off heads, huh? I like it anyway--it almost looks like Bridget is smiling! :)

My mom sent us a dress that I had worn as a newborn. She was afraid that it might already be too small, and it was close! But we got some pictures of it today--I think she looks like a little doll! The bonnet was a gift from Sam's mom. Isn't it cute?

So dressing up a little girl really does feel like I'm playing with dolls. I LOVED my dolls as a little girl, so this is a very fun time for me! I wouldn't have thought that having a girl would be so different from having boys, but it certainly is!


Tami said...

Hi, I'm Tami. New to your site. Hope you don't mind me visiting.

So, you CAN have two children of one gender and try for a third and get the other. I keep trying to tell my husband that and he doesn't believe me. :0) We have two girls and I keep trying to convince him to try for a boy. He said..No way. Then I'll have three girls. I don't know if I can handle that. He's so funny.

Any way...Just wanted to introduce myself and say come on by and "visit" any time. I love meeting new people.

You have a beautiful family, too.

~Ginger said...

Oh Lisa, what fun! She looks like a real little doll. She's so tiny. I wonder if some day she will make great cakes like her mom? What a precious family you guys have. She's so beautiful. I'm so glad you are so happy!

Lori said...

She is so cute!!!! Love all the pictures of her. You look great too by the way.

Beth said...

Oh, she looks soooo cute! Those pictures are so fun!!: )

Grace said...

She's beautiful and does look like a doll. I must agree with you...

"I wouldn't have thought that having a girl would be so different from having boys, but it certainly is!"

it's different. And as she gets older you'll see more differences. To name one she's talking way sooner than the boys did. I loved dolls as a little girl, too. I even had a boy baby doll...I had those dolls called "Real Babies" do you remember those?!

Have fun!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

She does look like a little doll!

~Ginger said...

I posted a cute picture on my blog of a mom and a little girl. It made me think of you and Bridget.

Hey, you need to change your blog title again. I think we are safe that in knowing you have a girl :)

~Ginger said...

Alicia said this blog should be "Two boys and a Princess".
I agree :)