Saturday, September 08, 2007

Henry's first day of pre-school!

Henry had his very first day of pre-school on Thursday! He will be going twice a week at a pre-school at our church. Very exciting! He had SO much fun!
We started the day with chocolate chip pancakes and a brand new, spider man backpack. Then we headed off to school! Henry requested that I take a picture of him with his teacher (Miss Kimberly).

When I picked Henry up, I asked him all about his day.....he had short, one-word answers (What did you do? Played. Did you meet anyone new? No. Did you hear a story? Yes. About what? I don't remember.) I felt like I was talking to a reluctant teen-ager! Once we got in the van he finally told me, "It's a secret. I can't tell you about school. Maybe another day I can tell you." I laughed pretty hard at that one!

At dinner he finally opened up and shared some details. When I said I thought it was a secret, he said, "I was only joking. I just wanted to tell Daddy at the same time!" What a sweetie, huh?
Then today at bedtime Henry said, "I did meet a new girl at my class. Her name is Lilly and she's really pretty! And she's short too!"


Rebekah Elizabeth said...


Beth said...

Oh the details they forget all about . . . wouldn't it be great to be a fly on the wall in their classroom for just a day? : )

~Ginger said...

Just to cute. I'm with Beth, I always wished that I could just be in a corner somewhere watching quietly.

I remember Alicia met a sweet little boy in kindergarten. We finally had him over to play one day. He called her his princess the whole time he was over. He was just darling and came from such a great family. His mother flipped when I told her his name for Alicia, haha! We still remind her of him and his sweet treatment of her.

Tami said...

Oh, how sweet. A sweetie in preschool.

I agree with Beth. The control freak in me is having trouble giveing up control for the 2 hours 2x's a week. What will I do? I guess I better just get over it, huh! :0)

Heidi Jo said...

oh he looks so excited! love it. isn't it great when they are so happy about school...?

michelle f said...

That is too cute. I def. get a lot more detail from Sky than I do from Blake. Tori it is yet to be seen.

Kids and K9s said...

I LOVE the first day of school... sounds like he had a good one... to cute... can't wait to hear more stories about Lilly... love that name!

Thanks for your kind post re: our anniversary! ~ kim

Grace said...

Oh, how wonderful! I'm so happy Henry enjoyed his first day!

Cute pictures!