Monday, December 10, 2007

Holiday Home Tour

This is a great idea, hosted by Heidi Jo--a (virtual) tour of homes all decked out in their beautiful Christmas decorations. Fun, huh? Well here goes....

Welcome to our home! You'll be greeted by a small army of snowmen (there are twice as many as are shown in the picture!) and an angel on the front door.

Next you'll find our stockings hanging from the word "NOEL," which is one letter short for our family of five! I'm planning on finding another stocking hanger during the after-Christmas sales--for now my stocking is not hanging.
Here is our lovely Christmas tree, decorated ENTIRELY by the boys (with the exception of the angel on top--that was my job). They were so cute contemplating where everything should go! I was a little nervous with them up on the step-ladder, but finally we all agreed that just Henry would be allowed to hang the very high ones.
This is a Christmas count-down clock--a gift from my mom. The boys run out and check it every morning to see if Christmas is getting closer! The smaller decoration is a polar bear decorating a tree with bottles of coca-cola. It plays the song that goes, "I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony...." That one is a gift from my brother. Henry carries it around the house playing the song--he especially likes to stick it right beside Bridget and insist that she loves it!
This is a project we made in MOPS this year out of coat hangers. I have it hung up in the play room to make it more festive. I'm planning on replacing the ribbons with something prettier, but I haven't found the time yet.

These are in the boy's room. Henry loves the little house and turns it on every night.

Also in the boy's room is this fun nightlight. We have a really pretty snowman one too, but the picture just wouldn't come out right!

Saving the best for last! If you were actually touring my home, this is the first thing you see when you walk in, but I thought it would be more fun to leave it for the end of the tour. This is our nativity--it is rearranged almost every day, sometimes by Henry and Jonah, and sometimes by Sam!

Thanks for joining me and touring my home this Christmas! :) Hope you have a wonderful and Merry Christmas!


Heidi Jo said...

beautiful lisa! thanks for partcipating! tune in wednesday evening for the winner.

i love that you let the boys decorate the tree's little things like that, that give them so much validation and show so much love. way to go!

Beth said...

Your house looks so warm, cozy and inviting—perfect for Christmas! : )

Tami said...

Isn't decorating for Christmas so much more fun with little ones to help you out. All our decorations are slowly migrating up the tree to keep Sarah from breaking them. She's already shattered one ball and broke the arm off another ornament. I'm hoping next year she'll leave the tree alone.

Thank you for taking us on a tour of your decorations. Looks like a fun, festive Christmas is coming for you all.

Lori said...

Beautiful holiday decor. Thanks for taking us on a tour of your home.

Anonymous said...

Does it seem weird to be living where there is really no snow for Christmas? I always find it funny to see all the snowmen in Dallas when there is no snow.

Love the tour of your house! The little clock is so cute! Hmm, Sam moved the stuff around on the nativity scene...go figure, hehe.

Happy holiday's Lisa!

Grace said...
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Grace said...

Beautiful! I love your Christmas decorations.

My boys helped decorate our Christmas tree this year. They had so much fun!

I like the Christmas count-down clock. Where did she get it?

Thanks for sharing your home with us!

Just Mom said...


Loved everything, especially the army of snowmen.

Anonymous said...

Oh, SO wonderful! I'd probably participate, too, but I have SO FEW Christmas stuff up yet. So sad. The boys did a great job on the tree, didn't they!? And, a front door with NO SNOW! Oh, yeah, you live in Texas. We're freezing and covered in snow up here in Minnesota.

Teresa said...

Thanks for sharing! I love all of it, especially the beautiful nativity set.

Merry Christmas!

michelle f said...

Fun!! I love the count down clock...very unique! Sweet post about your man too...latest that is not man...hee!

My man is not much of a fixer upper but he is a keeper in my book. :-)