Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A (weekend) day in the life of Sam . . . .

I think it's time to dedicate a post to my wonderful husband. This guy amazes me. He has such an incredible work ethic, and he has a need to stay busy even when he has some down time. Sam is the first person I've ever met who relaxes by working! If I find some free time you'll most likely find me curled up in a comfortable chair with a good book. Sam, on the other hand is more likely to be building a new piece of furniture or coming up with a new way to improve our house or lives. It is inspiring!

Anyway, here is how Sam started out Saturday morning. First he changed the oil in my van, then he fixed an oil leak in his little beater car, then he pulled his dad's truck into the garage and replaced all four struts. Henry helped out a little on the truck--he wants to be just like his daddy! :)

In the afternoon Sam found time to head to the local library's Grinch Party, where he was enticed into helping Jonah at one of the many craft tables. (Even though this wouldn't be Sam's favorite thing to do with the kids, he knows that Jonah's eyes light up when there is glue around!) Sam was not the only daddy at the party, but he was the only one helping out with crafts!
When we got home from the Grinch party, Sam noticed that there were a LOT of wasps flying around in our backyard. So he took the time to hunt (yes, hunt!) them until he found where they were living (they apparently built their nest in the soffit on the back of our shop!) and then he attacked! As you can see in the picture, Sam has a can of wasp-spray in each hand. He had to take a break mid-way through to run to the store for more cans of spray. It was pretty funny to watch--the boys and I cheered him on from the safety of the house!

And by the time evening rolls around, do you think he was too tired to read stories to the kids? Absolutely not! Sam cuddled up on the couch with the boys and read books to them and then he even put them to bed!

Yep, he's one of a kind. I appreciate my husband so much. I am so very grateful that God brought us together, and I just love every moment of being his wife.

Thank you Sam for being you! I love you more than words can say. You inspire me and make me want to be a better person. You are the best friend I could ask for and an amazing daddy to our kids. Oh yeah, and you make me laugh too! :)


Anonymous said...

He makes me laugh, too. This was just beautiful Lisa. All to often I forget to tell Dave how amazing he is and how my life is a better place because of him.

I've learned from you that Sam loves fun. It's so great to hear you tell about his qualities of being an awesome daddy and husband.

You are very blessed....so is he!

sam said...

Hmmmm......What a delicious posting. Oh and Ginger, I think you meant to say 'All too often...'
hee hee.
Thanks Lou. I love ya babe.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful, amazing husband and dad!! And a very special tribute on your part....very sweet.

Beth said...

Wow! Wears me out just reading about it. : )

You are blessed indeed!

Grace said...

Lisa, such a sweet post. What a blessing to have such a wonderful husband and DADDY!

Hope you have a great weekend.

Heidi Jo said...

beautiful words at the end lisa...by the way- sam makes us all laugh:0)

Anonymous said...

Okay, back to this post. It got me thinking. Are you people seriously still wearing SHORTS where you live? Man, I gotta move.