Monday, January 14, 2008

Little girls are so fun!

Of course, little boys are so fun too. I don't mean to say that they're not.

But can you put little boys in flower decorated tights? And shiny black shoes with bows on the toes? Can you get away with big ribbons and bows in their hair? And little bits of lace here there and everywhere?
Yep, it's great to have a little girl!


Just Mom said...


Marybeth said...

Oh Yea! What a cutie... but those boys of yours!!!! She will have to try to hold her own weight with their "cuteness!"

Grace said...

She's a doll! I love her adorable purple dress!

And I would have to agree, little girls are fun! They're truly so different from boys. My husband and I are just amazed at her personality, so girly. To the way she dances, smiles, sits, loves her baby dolls, laughs, poses for pictures, and even drives her pink little train around (that the boys gave her)...she's ALL girl!

Okay, where did you buy her tights?

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess you can, but you'd get lots of funny looks! Bridget looks better in all that than your boys would, too:) Cute tights!! Can't wait to see the bouncy seat cover. I had that SAME thought about my other bouncy, too. Oh, except I was going to have my mom sew it, because I don't sew. Looking forward to seeing it:)

Beth said...

Oh, I just want to squeeze her!! So cute. I know I say it all the time, but she is so Henry all over again! : )

Rachel said...

Sweet cheeks--what a darling little girl!