Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thursday ramblings....

So I know I've been ignoring my blog. Too much going on! I'll just leave you with a few quick pictures and an update.

Sam is doing MUCH better. He was released from the hospital on Tuesday and has been resting at home. He must have taken the doctor seriously because he actually did REST which is quite unusual for Sam. He was up and about a little bit yesterday and today he actually went in to work for a short day. So things are looking up on that front!

Bridget is doing well. She is just the most joyful little baby in the world! It seemed like she was ready to try baby food, so I gave her rice cereal for the first time last week. Here is a picture of her first bite:

which was taken right before she spit it all out! I've tried a few times since that day, but she still isn't quite ready. The funny thing is that she gets really excited when I feed her and loves to try it, but she just can't figure out how to swallow it yet.

The next two pictures were taken on our new property a few weeks ago. Sam called on his way home from work and said, "Why don't you pack a picnic and we'll eat it out at ranch!" So that is exactly what we did. It was great--the weather was beautiful and we ended up staying until it was REALLY dark. The boys ran around with flashlights and Bridget took a little nap.

Have a great week everyone!


Marybeth said...

So glad to hear that Sam is feeling better. I LOVE your "ranch" picnic and pictures. I really can't blame Bridgett on the rice cereal! Maybe some oatmeal with raisins, cinnamon and sugar!

Grace said...

I'm so glad to hear Sam is doing better! I sent you an e-mail a few days ago...hope you got it.

Bridget is so cute!

I love the pictures of the picnic. How exciting to be making house plans. Have fun with it!

The weather has been beautiful around here!

Tami said...

Good to hear that Sam is doing well. Isn't it cute when babies try to learn to eat? I would crack up everytime Sarah made a funny face at the new flavors we would try out on her.

Rebekah Elizabeth said...

Hi Lisa! The pictures are great, keep them coming! I'm glad Sam is doing better and the family is getting back into normal days. And just so you know, in 3 weeks I will be a resident of Lindale. :)

MCK Mama said...

SO glad Sam is getting better!!

Oh, and starting solids! What fun:)