Saturday, January 19, 2008

Read any good books lately?

My very thoughtful brother gave me a generous gift card to Borders for Christmas. I am anxious to use it and looking for have you read anything good lately? I'm open to any suggestions except children's books--I'm using this on me!


~Just A Thought Ginger said...

I just read the Kite Runner and really found it interesting. It gives a look at life in Afganistan and a message of redemption. It is not a Christian book of course, but still very worth the read.

Deborah Granick said...

Hello I am Deborah. :)

You dont know me but I just love reading you blog, I am a HA Alumni mom with one toddler and a baby on the way next month! I am having my second boy and my husband and I love reading about your sweet family :) I love how close your boys are and hope that my boys will have such a close relationship :)

A great book that I have enjoyed is called "Love and Respect" it also has a sequel called: "Cracking the communication code" Both books have been a blessing to my marriage and my husband and I have enjoyed reading them together. You could also buy a cool cookbook or a book about decorating ( I love that kind of stuff) Also Every womans marriage was a good book for me, I havent read many novels recently, mostly been focusing on the word. Also Beth Moore I hear has a new book out, so that should be good. Hope these few ideas help :)

Hope you have a blessed Sunday with your lovely family :)


PS- I just remembered that you have a new baby, the book "Baby Wise" really helped me with getting my son sleeping through the night- and with other things! I am sure though that you are a really expirenced mom and know all about that, just thought I would mention it :)

Heidi Jo said...

have you already read the "mitford series" by jan karon?