Thursday, January 17, 2008

sweetly sleeping

If you were browsing through the pictures that I've taken in recent months, you might say to yourself, "Wow, there are sure a lot of pictures of Bridget sleeping!"

I do love to watch my kiddos sleep peacefully. And really, she's just so cute! :)

And a quick quote from Jonah this morning....

"Mommy, will you carry me inside? It's burning cold out here!"


Marybeth said...

Oh yes! Sleeping babies look like angels to me! and jonah.....he is such a crack up...but he is WAS burning cold outsisde this morning. 30 degrees! We may as well be back in Montana!-

Anonymous said...

30 degrees is burning cold!? I don't think so:) Try -8. That's what it is here. Anyway, "burning cold" is too cute, though, Jonah!

And, yes, sleeping Bridget. TOO cute. The flash didn't wake her, I take it? Is she a thumb sucker?

michelle f said...

You ahve to get pics of pics of sleeping to remind yourself that yes they actually do sleep now and again. :-)

Grace said...

She's precious!

I have pictures of my little ones sleeping, too! I love to watch them sleep..they truly look like angels!

Jonah is too cute! It is 'burning cold' here in Texas!

Have a wonderful weekend!