Saturday, March 01, 2008

daffodil fields

What a busy day!

After Henry's early morning soccer game (Go Jayhawks!) and a visit to the park, a friend asked if we wanted to join her at the daffodil fields. And I never turn down an invite like that! So we spent the afternoon there, walking amongst the THOUSANDS of beautiful daffodils that have just bloomed. Then home again for a little rest before heading out again to have antiquities pictures taken and grab a bite to eat. Phew. I'm exhausted!

Have you seen the Antiquities pictures before? They are TOO cute. They dress the kids up in old fashioned clothes and print the pictures in sepia tone. Then they leave something bright like a rose or handkerchief to make it stand out. I didn't really feel like having the pictures taken since I don't plan on buying any of's for a fundraiser, so I get a 10 X 13 picture for $10 and then to buy more the packages are one hundred dollars and up (which is money I don't have for pictures right now!) It seemed like a big hassle to get all three kids ready, happy and cooperative for pictures when I'm only going to get one out of the whole deal.

But of course we went anyway and the pictures were absolutely adorable!!! I'm going to have to leave my checkbook at home when I go to preview the pictures or I'll be in trouble! :)

Here are a few pictures from the daffodil fields. The beautiful flowers are scattered on 28 acres of a 1000 acre ranch. There are also two lakes and plenty of bridges, stumps and other photo opportunities!

Bridget with her friend Daxton

Here's the whole crew of kids that were with us. Henry is orange, Jonah is sitting down and Bridget is the one in pink, of course!

The moms. Andrea, T and me.

And here is the kid crew again. No babies in this one, but this one does have T's two foreign exchange students. The girl on the left is from Thailand and the girl on the right is from Germany.


Anonymous said...

What a great place! I enlarged the photo of the flowers only to see Bridget sucking her thumb. How cute is that? She's just growing up so fast. Seems like yesterday that we were praying for her to get here.

I'm glad you had a wonderful and busy day. MaryBeth posted about the flowers in bloom. We were down in March one time and got to see all the blue bonnets. They are just so pretty all along the roads.

Grace said...

Very busy day for you...

Love the pictures! My favorite one is of all the kiddos.

Too bad we don't live closer...I think it would be fun to hang out with all of you!

Have a wonderful week!

Tami said...

What a beautiful place. I would Luv, luv, luv to go there with my camera. Great pic's!

About beans...I like to put a tortilla on a skillet on a low to med setting then shred some chedder over it, sprinkle on some black beans, a little salsa, some more cheese and another tortilla. Wait till the bottom tortilla starts to brown, then flip. Brown the other tortilla. When it's all warm and crispy, I place it on a plate and cut it with a pizza cutter. MMMMmmmm yummy! And, the kids like it, too. Makes for a pretty fast lunch.

Alicia said...

I did have a great time at the event! I got to meet your husband too. I picked him out of the whole arena because he looks JUST like Jon. I thought it was Jon at first, and then thought 'maybe that is the other brother I haven't met'. He talks just like Dave and Jon too :-) It was good to meet him and the event made me very nostalgic thinking of Teen Mania. Hopefully someday I can meet you too!