Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A horrible rabbit tale....

I've always been a fan of rabbits. Even when we used to keep a garden, I encouraged them to hang out in my yard. Who cares if they eat a few vegetables....they are just so cute!

So imagine my dismay to walk out to my backyard today only to find a dead rabbit.

Not just dead, but decapitated. Fur everywhere.

It's no secret that our cat is a hunter. She leaves moles on the back patio a few times a week as little "gifts" for us. And the occasional bird, although the bell on her collar seems to have slowed that down a bit.
When I walked out and found the rabbit, Cricket (the cat) was walking a proud circle around her victim.
I went back inside to grab a camera (someone else had to see this too!) and the phone was ringing. I took the call (this was maybe 5 minutes at most) and headed back outside to dispose of the rabbit.
In the place where it had been lying was Elmer (our dog). He had just finished EATING the rabbit's body and was moving on to the head!
Not okay.
So rabbits, beware.....apparently you're not welcome in our yard anymore!

This picture is not from today. I took it last week after I told Jonah to put his coat away. Elmer didn't seem to mind being a coatrack!

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