Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Keep your kisses to yourself, Henry!

My kids love to "love on" each other. There are always lots of hugs, kisses, tackles, pats, and other physical shows of affection at our house. The boys especially love to kiss on Bridget.

Usually, I love this.

Usually, that is a great thing.

Usually, one of my kids doesn't have strep throat and impetigo (a highly contagious blistery rash, caused by the strep throat) and I don't have to worry about sharing germs!

Hopefully things will be back to normal soon and only ONE of my children will have had this illness.


Just Mom said...

Oh No!

Sure hope he recovers soon.

Kim said...

Awwww... How adorable! And the look on Bridget's face just makes me want to laugh out loud! Poor Henry... we're thinking about him (Bella is very worried)!

Anonymous said...

Lisa, praying right now for your family.

We've had some bad colds and the flu, but so far I've avoided it all. Maybe it's a good thing we dont' all kiss each other anymore, hehe.

Hang in there.

Bridget is just way too cute on this photo.

Grace said...

Oh, NO! I will be praying for a speedy recovery, and that the other two children stay healthy.

Bridget is too cute!