Monday, July 07, 2008

How many husbands does it take to change a light bulb?

Apparently, just one. And he doesn't need a ladder, either.

This morning I overheard Henry giving Jonah some advice:

"Hurry up and brush. You know you can't have a piece of chocolate until after you've brushed your teeth."

And here is Henry being a man after his shower with Daddy. Sam put some deodorant on him (for fun) and Henry thought he should let it get good and dry before he could put his arms down or put on his shirt. He walked around like this for about ten minutes. :)

Happy Monday!


Kim said...

Too funny! Your boys (all of them) must keep you laughing non-stop!!

Just Mom said...


That Sam is such a great influence on your little boys.

Heidi Jo said...

as always your husband amuses me. i gather that he amuses himself too:0)

i love henry's advice...i think i'd better run and brush now!

{ Kiddos & K9s } said...

man... that's talent changing the light bulb! seriously... !

need to catch up and read all my favorite blogs... been too busy! ~ kim

Anonymous said...

Please tell me that man was not standing on top of two chairs? You know I just fell off a chair recently and I know the consequences of "not so smart" actions. Hope Sam is more talented than I am.

michelle said...

Okay that first pic frightened me.

Brush before it!