Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Henry's first day of school!

So far Henry has survived (and LOVED) two days of kindergarten!
Here he is getting ready to head out, adorned with his brand-spanking-new spiderman backpack, spiderman lunchbox and spiderman light-up shoes:
And here is Henry with his super-sweet teacher, Mrs. Forsyth:

He doesn't look a bit nervous, does he? I was a little sad that HE wasn't at all sad to see me leave! :)

It has really been so fun! The first day they let parents walk the kids into their classrooms, but after that we have to drop off in the gym and they walk as an entire class to their rooms. Parents are welcome to join students for lunch any time, so yesterday I went back at lunch time to sit with Henry. It was awfully cute. He was excited to see us and had a big hug for Bridget. When we got up to leave from lunch I said, "Well, I guess we'd better head out..." and Henry said, "NOOOOO! I haven't even gotten to play on the playground yet!" So I guess it's not exactly a rough transition for him.
It's actually been hardest for Jonah so far. He doesn't seem to know what to do with himself and has never had to make all the decisions....Henry always decides what they will play! I'm sure he'll get into the swing of things soon. :)


Alisa said...

Happy first days of school! I love the pictures. I'll look foward to hear more on his adventures in Kindergarten ;)

Heidi Jo said...

is that a mohawk? suh-wheeet! :0)

what a special day that is...so hard to get through it without some tears.

Andrea said...

Cute pictures!!

Thats how Lexi was last year, but it didn't last to long.....She ended up playing with her sister more.

Kim said...

It WAS a very fun day, but very emotional... at least for the moms! When did our kids get to be such 'big kids'??? I'm so happy that both Henry and Bella love it and are adjusting so well!

And poor Jo... at least he still has Bridget! :)

Just Mom said...

LOL. Love the mohawk.

Yay, Henry!

Grace said...